Abby the Labby

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Come join Abby on her adventures! Emergent readers can enjoy the heartwarming tale of a curious puppy and her search for a family! Perfect to read to smaller children, or for independent reading time with early grade-schoolers.

This series aims to introduce young children to the responsibilities of pet ownership, different dog breeds, and fundamental problem-solving skills.

I just wanted to let you know that the little girl that I gave the Abby the Labby books to is C-R-A-Z-Y about them.  Thank you for making them available.

-Bernadette B, West Chester


Abby 3

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Getting lost in the park with her new friend, Patches, might be more adventure than Abby bargained for. Their day at the dog park started so fun, too.

Join Abby on her newest adventure, Lost in the Park, where she learns the value of following the rules and asking for help, as well as how to handle strange situations. This installment also introduces children to the concept of shelter dogs, and different breeds of working dog.


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Abby 2 Cover option 1


Puppy Days Available now!

Abby has a forever home now, but it comes will all kinds of new experiences and challenges. It is wonderful and exciting, but also scary. She has to sleep without all her brothers and sisters, and get along with a grumpy kitty cat. She has to learn to walk on a leash, and maybe even get a shot.

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Abby book 1Abby the Labby Book 1: Meet Abby! by Ashley K Voris, available NOW!

Meet Abby, and read along as she searches for her forever home and meets all kinds of new people along the way.


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