Guardian’s Circle

Shelter in the StormEvery good story starts with a dart gun, right?

When Deke came to in a strange hotel room, with a strange woman watching over him, he’s too sick to really be concerned. If she was going to kill him she’d have done it already. At least she’s got pretty eyes, even if he’s relatively sure human eyes don’t come in that color or have elongated pupils.

Her name is Willy, and she’s not human. By his best estimate she saves his bacon at least three times in the first seventy-two hours. Now he just needs to figure out what her mother wants from him before someone winds up dead.

Willy doesn’t mind the saving people schtick, but usually she gets to slink back off into the shadows once it’s over. She doesn’t take charity, even when people say it’s not charity. She tries to leave once her mom’s latest target is safe, but then he looks all genuine and kind, and his life is still kind of a mess.

There’s only like an eighty-percent chance this is going to end badly.

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Lost and FoundGrace has a weird life. Even before she accidentally finds a werewolf that’s not a werewolf on the way home from work, she has a weird life. If it stopped at ghosts and werewolves it wouldn’t be so bad. At least the people who hunt these things know how to deal with those.

Nate’s had an entire life of supernatural crap, but he’s got no idea why Grace keeps exploding in white light every time she’s in trouble. But, surprisingly, they make a good team. If there’s suddenly a little more mystery in his life than he’d like it’s worth it.  Even when it’s a lot more mystery, and witches, and psychics, and just mess it’s still worth it.

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