We are open for queries!

All submissions should be in doc or docx format, double spaced, one space after period, no tab at beginning of paragraph, in Times New Roman 12pt.

If you are interested in submitting to The Fandom Universe, you can find its specific requirements and terms here. Submission guidelines for our romance/erotica imprint, By Passion Shorn, can be found here.

See specific short story anthology calls here.

Submissions for Wee Tales and Refractions must be age appropriate for the journal (7 to 12 for Wee Tales, 13 and up for Refractions). If you have something more geared toward an adult market please still submit it for our next possible run of Deep Waters. General and Refractions short submissions should be between 1000 and 5000 words, Wee Tales submissions should be between 600 and 2000 words.

We are always seeking new novel, novella, non-fiction, or serial projects.
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Submit to GFPsubmissions@gmail.com  Subject line: QUERY–Title–Last Name

Entries not following the below specs and displaying proper format will be immediately deleted.

Submission to Golden Fleece Press for short pieces or artwork constitutes acceptance of this contract.

For Novels, Novellas, and Non-Fiction projects please submit:

  • Query Letter (for a sample query look here)
  • Synopsis (yes, we hate them too but send us one anyway)
  • Your first thirty pages or Non-Fiction sample treatment

For Serials please submit:

  • Query Letter
  • Synopsis and theoretical schedule
  • Your first episode
For Short Stories, Poetry, Puzzles, and Essays:
Use email subject line: ANTHOLOGY TITLE–Name–Submission type (i.e. Poetry) and send:

  • Complete Manuscript
  • Short Bio (less than 150 words)

For Artwork please submit:

  • Completed artwork in jpeg format
  • Short Bio (less than 150 words)

Short form submissions are paid on publication. Poetry, Puzzles, and Artwork are paid 35$ per accepted submission. Short Stories and Essays are paid $50 per accepted submission. Reprinted short story submissions are paid $20 per accepted submission, reprinted poetry, puzzles, or artwork submissions are paid $15 per accepted submission. Combination submissions are paid their base rate plus $15 for the artwork ($5 in the case or reprints).