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SWFULife in the Star Wars fandom is amazing, isn’t it?

A Galaxy Far Far Away tours all of the best parts of fandom, from books to video games, to epic toys depicting battle scenes and everything in between.

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Would you like to be part of our Fandom Universe?

Being part of a fandom can be an amazing, life-affirming thing. Nothing in the world is as marvelous as finding a new friend who loves something just as much as you love it.

We have big plans for The Fandom Universe, spanning not just the hypergiant stars but some of the more sedate dwarfs as well. We are looking for essay and art submissions about how fandom changed your life.

For Essays:
Tell us about how you met your significant other in line for the midnight release. Or how a character’s struggle to save the galaxy helped you get through your freshman year of college. Tell us how fandom has impacted your life.

For Poems and Artwork:
We understand intellectual property is a minefield, and ‘transformative works’ doesn’t help all that much. This is a for-publication work and we cannot accept fanfic or anything featuring the likeness of Trademarked characters, logos, or related indicia. For a discussion about what constitutes fair use, this is a good article to start with.

Other Options:
If writing fiction is more your thing, tell us a story. Maybe about a man’s slow descent into madness leaving him convinced he was Professor Snape. Or a universe of people in the 25th century obsessed with the original Star Trek.

We are currently accepting essay, appropriate short fiction, and art submissions for The Fandom Universe: Indelible Ink, about life in the Harry Potter fandom. Please send submissions to, with –Fandom Universe– in the subject line.

Here are some possible essay topics:

  • Quiddich in the real world.
  • In defense of the third movie.(We know it’s an uphill battle with that one)
  • Any other opinion piece that is likely not shared with most of the rest of your fandom. Now’s your chance to sell us on it!
  • If you’re only going to read one book, it should be X.
  • If you’re only going to read one book, it should NOT be X.
  • Tell us about your road to fandom. We’re sure everybody has a story.

Submission Deadline: Oct 31st, 2017
Planned Publication Date: Spring 2018

Upcoming projects:
Voyages–Star Trek
Impossible Things–Doctor Who
…and so many more.

A note about payment:
The Fandom Universe pays one special, limited edition, numbered copy per contributor.