Wee Tales Authors and Artists

In Volume 1, published Oct 2014:

Kat Sanger

Katherine Sanger was a Jersey Girl before getting smart and moving to Texas.  She’s been published in various e-zines and print, including Baen’s Universe, Spacesports & Spidersilk, Black Petals, Star*Line, Anotherealm, Lost in the Dark, Bewildering Stories, Aphelion, and RevolutionSF, and edited From the Asylum, an e-zine of fiction and poetry.  She’s a member of HWA and SFWA.  She taught English for over 10 years at various online and local community and technical colleges. You can find her blog here.

Fern G. Z. Carr

Fern G. Z. Carr is a lawyer, teacher and past president of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. A member of and former Poet-in-Residence for the League of Canadian Poets, she composes and translates poetry in five languages. Carr is a 2013 Pushcart Prize nominee and has been cited as a contributor to the Prakalpana literary movement in India. One of Carr’s haiku is even included on a DVD sent to Mars on NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft. You can find her website here.

Anne E Johnson

Drawing on her eclectic background, which includes degrees in classical languages and musicology, Anne E. Johnson has been published in a wide variety of topics and genres. She’s written non-fiction books for children with the Rosen Group and feature articles for adults in serials such as The New York Times and Stagebill Magazine. You can find her website here.


In Volume 2, published April 2015:

Guy Belleranti

Guy Belleranti writes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, puzzles and humor for both adults and children. A few of the places his children’s writing has appeared include Highlights for Children, Boys’ Quest, Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, Hopscotch, Wee Tales and Spaceports & Spidersilk. He is a regular contributor to the educational site Super Teacher Worksheets and also works in a school library. His website is www.guybelleranti.com/

Alicia Cole

Alicia Cole lives with a photographer in a not-so-humdrum house.  Over their house, egrets and great blue herons fly.  Tree frogs nestle on the front porch, while stray cats dance jigs in the woods.  Her children’s poetry has appeared in Spaceports & Spidersilk and Underneath the Juniper Tree.  She enjoys creepy things, but prefers to save scary until after dessert – no spoiling the ice cream!  You can find out more about her on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6470571.Alicia_Cole.

Judi Calhoun

Judi Calhoun studied Art and English at Palomar College, in San Marcos, Studying the pure contour method and working under award-winning Children’s book illustrator, Michael Sternagle and learning portrait work under the tutelage of portrait illustrator Steven Miller. While in College, Judi worked on the editorial staff of the Bravura magazine, and The Telescope newspaper and was Senior Editor for The Sword, College yearbook while earning a BA at WBC in Escondido California.

Judi was the winner of the Artist Innovation Award for 2009 by Art Works, NH and twice commissioned to create a cancelation stamp for the US Postal service. You can find some of her artwork online at SleepyMouseDesign.